Notes From Two Days

| August 1st, 2010

Chris Harris’ back injury will remain a minor injury as long as it doesn’t impact his playing the first preseason game against the San Diego Chargers.  There are two units on this club that must develop over the summer and build cohesiveness: the offensive line and secondary.  It seems Mike Tice has a handle on the line.  Chris Harris is the only professional safety on the roster.

I like it when players like Isaac Bruce come to a training camp to help the inexperienced and the Bears have a load of inexperience at the wide receiver position.  Bruce was never a speed guy, so Hester and Knox will need to learn from his professionalism (if nothing else).  But Devin Aromashodu should spend every waking moment with Bruce until he leaves town.

Rick Morrissey does a nice job (I’m shocked too) of calling “bullshit” on the Lovie’s attempt to revive the Monsters of the Midway moniker.  He’s got a great, completely typical Lovie quote:

“Most missed tackles during the year have to do with bad angles,” he
said. ”In pads or out of pads, you can coach tackling every snap.
Angles are everything in tackling. These guys are good enough to get the
other guy down.”

When I read these kinds of quotes, I wonder if he actually believes what he says or just likes making newspapers print his nonsense.

Keep an eye on Torry Holt, who is rumored to be the odd man out in New England.  If Mike Martz is unhappy with what he sees on the field over the next ten days, I fully expect Holt to receive a phone call.