Open Debate: Patriots Game

| December 11th, 2010

Journalists around town are describing tomorrow’s showdown with the Patriots in a variety of ways.  Some are calling it a potential Super Bowl preview.  Some are calling it a litmus test for the Bears – qualifying their potential for a lengthy postseason run.  Some are calling it a game to be survived in the harshest conditions imaginable.  Some are calling it a somewhat irrelevant non-conference game, holding little weight in the tiebreaker scenario.  (The third tiebreaker for a division title is common opponents so this game will actually mean more for the NFC North race than the Bears loss to the Seahawks.)

My theory is simple.  Tomorrow is a ballgame between two of the best teams in football.  If the Bears win they are all but assured a trip to the postseason.  Tomorrow is the kind of day where we’ll find out how tough are club is.  If the can run it when they have to and the opponent knows they want to.  If they can refrain from the big mistake when any mistake might lead to the one play that changes the game.  If the defense can stop one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, consistently, for sixty minutes.  If our special teams are truly special.

How do you define tomorrow’s game against the New England Patriots?  What are your possible scenarios for an outcome?