Poor Poor Pitiful Cutler

| October 25th, 2010

I don’t mind when a quarterback throws interceptions, especially when those interceptions are the result of trying to make a great play.  But that’s not what took place yesterday at Soldier Field.  What happened on the lake yesterday was a quarterback – with careless disregard for his teammates, coaches and fans – throwing away a football game and quite possibly a season. 

Lovie not challenging the game-changing touchdown was bad enough.  The offensive line’s first half was bad enough.  Donovan McNabb failing to get his pick six off on time was bad enough.  Jay Cutler was worse.  Worse than his head coach and offensive coordinator.  Worse than his offensive line.  He missed wide open backs in the flat.  He missed a wide open Devin Hester on a crossing route that could have gone for days.  His interceptions – all four to Mr. Hall – each revealed the singular flaw in Cutler’s regressing game.  What is that flaw?  Jay Cutler is not a smart quarterback.  He’s an arrogant thrower with no game sense.  On each of the interceptions, the pass had no business being thrown.  How does one teach a player to be intelligent?

As I sat in the bar watching the Vikings and Packers, a buddy turned to me and said, “I love watching this moron [Brett Favre] play quarterback but I am so happy he is not the quarterback of my team.”

Unfortunately, I think he is the quarterback of mine.