Response to the Press Conference

| January 5th, 2010

It was the press conference that made a 7-9 season worse.

Three individuals spoke today at Halas Hall.  Ted Phillips, the ringmaster of Chicago’s most popular circus, embarrassed himself with a stunning lack of football knowledge and blind fan pandering.  Jerry Angelo actually believed that “new energy” from new coaches would elevate a 7-9 disaster to a Super Bowl contender.  Lovie Smith sounded exactly like Lovie Smith always does: arrogant, stubborn, boring. 

Some things became infinitely clear. (1) Nobody in this organization understands that 2006 happened three years ago and three years in a generation in the NFL.  (2) Jerry all-but-confirmed that the last two games of this season saved the job of Lovie Smith.  That’s right, kids.  Allowing thirty points in a half and needing a fourth-quarter rally to beat one of the worst teams in the league kept a head coach in his job.  Mediocrity defined.  (3) It is 2010 or bust for all three of these guys.  And all three of them know it.  (4) Kudos to the writers for pushing Lovie into answering questions about the specific deficiencies of his defense.  (5)  It is impossible to listen to a head coach tell us we don’t need “a complete overhaul” after Ted just told us about the major changes being made.  If changing both coordinators is not a complete overhaul, then this is all bullshit and why waste time with the press conference?  
It just doesn’t add up.  Any of it.  And not one person today made the case for the retaining of Lovie Smith as the head coach of the Chicago Bears.