Tennessee: Lovely This Time of Year

| January 14th, 2010

I love it when people in the sports media propose good ideas.

In 2008, the Tribune reported
that Tennessee reached out to Bears coach Lovie Smith to gauge his
interest in becoming the coach at the school where he worked under
Phillip Fulmer in 1993 and ’94. Smith declined, but now the Volunteers’
job is open again with the exit of Lane Kiffin to USC.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk opines today that both sides should revisit the option.

it might be in everyone’s best interests for Smith to pursue the
opportunity, unless he has no interest in leading a college program,”
Florio writes. “The Bears undoubtedly would have cleaned house at Halas
Hall but for the buyout obligations to Smith and G.M. Jerry Angelo. 
With Smith’s ability to stick around for 2011 riding on the performance
of quarterback Jay Cutler and mounting uncertainty regarding a work
stoppage after next season, heading to Knoxville makes plenty of sense,
especially if his compensation from the Volunteers would be enhanced by
a partial buyout from the Bears.”

Lovie Smith is a terrible football coach but he would be a terrific hire for Tennessee and he should definitely consider the option.  Please.  Pleeeeeeeease.