That’s Why He’s Brett Favre

| January 25th, 2010

There were fifteen yards there for the taking.  An easy run for the aging quarterback.  A sure thing field goal from a sure thing kicker and another trip to the biggest game in all of sports.  Could he move his “limping” body down the field and seal the dream matchup for for hordes of obnoxious, sycophantic sports writers?

He throws across his body.  Mindless.  Interception.  
We wrote here ad nauseam that Brett Favre would throw away the season for the Minnesota Vikings.  Week after week, touchdown after touchdown, we never wavered from that assertion.  Brett Favre would throw away the season for the Minnesota Vikings.  He had help, don’t get me wrong.  The Vikings could not hold onto the ball all game, especially the Human Fumble Machine wearing #28.  But when the game was on the line, there for the taking, ready to be seized, Brett Favre threw away the season for the Minnesota Vikings.
Now we’ll all do the Favre dance we’ve done for three years.  The will he or won’t he.  The press conferences and rough footage of him tossing it around on a high school field in Mississippi.  Minnesota would have to accept him back off his brilliant 2009 regular season but they’d be wiser to make the difficult decision the Packers rightfully made two years ago.
That’s for another day.  Tomorrow.  Yesterday Favre proved why he’s the most predictable athlete in sports.  And the Minnesota Vikings are home today because of it.