The (Injured) Long Snapper Hits the NFC North

| August 24th, 2010

THE CHICAGO BEARS SIGNED TODD COLLINS and it’s a wise move.  I’d like to see Collins log some serious minutes this weekend against the Cardinals as the Bears were essentially running out the clock after Cutler’s exit from the Raiders game.  Collins also sounds like a pretty confident guy, “It’s a hard offense to learn, especially for a young guy, and I have seven years in it,” he said. “It’s not exactly the same but I feel pretty good about learning it in a shorter amount of time.”  Nothing is lost if the organization spends another year developing Caleb Hanie to be Jay Cutler’s long-term backup.

LAST YEAR THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS were one of the best passing offenses in the league.  Coupled with the second-best runner in the game, it turned them into an offensive juggernaut and all-but assured them the NFC North division title.  Adrian Peterson is still there and will get his, especially behind the big middle of that offensive line, but let’s look at the passing numbers.  In 2009, the Vikes threw for 4,156 yards.  Chester Taylor (Chicago Bears) had 44 catches for 389 yards.  Sidney Rice (old man hip) had 83 catches for 1,312 yards.  Percy Harvin (bad brain) had 60 catches for 790 yards.  Needless to say, Chilly and Favre are entering the 2010 campaign with questions they believed they had answered in 2009.  

THE GREEN BAY PACKERS have been clicking in the passing game but their passing game is not a concern for them.  Their running game?  Non-existent thus far.  Whereas the Bears seem to have re-found their running form, the Packers first-teamers have carried the ball only eight times in two preseason contests.  The other major concern for the Packers has been injuries to their top four linebackers.  None of them has yet to suit up this summer.

THERE IS NOTHING MUCH TO REPORT ON THE DETROIT LIONS (I’ve looked) but I’m kind of hoping they’re much improved.  I don’t find any solace in beating a terrible team twice every year and it’s starting to give our management a false sense of mediocrity.  They are excited up there about Stafford’s development and the emergence of Jahvid Best and that’s fine.  But the entire division would be improved by them knocking off a few big teams this year.