The Longest Days of the Year

| September 27th, 2010

I absolutely hate Monday and Thursday night games.  At least on Sunday there’s other football on television.  Mondays and Thursdays leave you filling football (read: Bears) cravings with the four-letter network’s inane ramblings and predictions, each of which oddly starting these days with the phrase “you talk about”.  

(Side note:  When the hell did this start?  When did sports commentators replace “Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in football” with “When you talk about Peyton Manning, you talk about a quarterback who is the best in football.”  Pay attention to ESPN.  This will now drive you crazy.)  
Good week of picks from you guys, though I was shocked at how many of you spoiled a perfect week with the Redskins.  Viva is the first to hit a second perfect week, with CanadaBears, tobijohn and Z also now on the board.  Albert in Tuscon is a jackass and needs the Packers for a perfect week.
The more I think about tonight’s game, the more I think this thing is going to come down to Julius Peppers’ ability to get to the quarterback.  If he does, with consistency, Bears win easily.