The Marriage of Mike & Jay

| September 20th, 2010

Something became apparent yesterday, as the Chicago Bears beat the Dallas Cowboys when every single human being in the football-knowledge picked them to lose.  The often cantankerous, ridiculously gifted quarterback and the mad scientist offensive coordinator are a match.  eHarmony couldn’t have connected a better pair.  Jay Cutler and Mike Martz were made for each other.  They’ve found each other.  And they should stay together for a long, long time.

And what is there to stop them?  There is always the possibility that a resurgent Chicago Bears offense will usher Martz to the front of the coaches-in-waiting line.  But Martz may have burnt those bridges with his disastrous turn in St. Louis.  Martz is a football man, not necessarily a people man and head coaches have to worry about far more than the Xs and Os.  They have to be managers of others coaches, managers of players, conduits between the organization and the media (read: fans).  Martz is the guy who is gets on his knees and draws a play in the dirt with a broken bottle.  And not many do it better.  
Whatever becomes of this now-promising 2010 season, the Chicago Bears organization (whoever the hell that currently is) must start drafting a plan to keep Mike Martz for the long-term future, much the same way George Halas kept Buddy Ryan even through a head coaching change.  If the Bears ultimately have an unsuccessful 2010, the organization can go out and hire a defensive-minded head coach (Les Frazier, Rob Ryan) and maintain the consistency on the offensive side of the ball.  Give Martz a couple offensive lineman and a big-target wide receiver and you will see – without question – the greatest offense in the history of the organization.
And I don’t think this is overreacting to two games.  There is genuine synergy on the field right now.  This is the real thing.  I just hope Halas Hall recognizes it.  
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