Things to Watch For Against Arizona

| August 27th, 2010

Mike Florio refers to the third preseason game as the “least unimportant” and that’s actually a more positive view than I hold.  None of it matters.  Not one quarter.  Not one play.  Not one substitution.  The trick is not getting hurt and possibly – just possibly – developing the kind of rapport that comes from practicing together for the summer.  Still there are things for us to take a look at in the confidence-building department.

THE SECONDARY.  If Derek Anderson completes more than 60% of his passes against your secondary in a street game, you need to fire everybody.  Coaches, corner backs, Old Style vendors in the end zone.  The Cardinals are looking into the barrel of a 4-12 season due to the complete lack of a viable, professional quarterback and the Bears can not be responsible for instilling confidence in the position.

CHRIS WILLIAMS.  No sacks.  For the sake of Week One confidence, no sacks.  If this means the Bears throw some help to the left side, do it.  No sacks.

THE SECOND RECEIVER OPTION.  It has become clear that Mike Martz and Jay Cutler are impressed with Johnny Knox’s speed and route running but I’m still wondering who is going to be making the big first-down catches over the middle.  I’m hoping that answer is a combination of Devin Aromashodu and Greg Olsen.

KICKOFF COVERAGE.  I know everyone has been clutching at their knickers about Dave Toub’s units this offseason but I am not ready to start doubting the best special teams coach in the league.  The third preseason game – if nothing else – is the week we start seeing who the coaches think will be the ten guys running down the field with Robbie Gould half-a-dozen times a game.  A couple nice holds inside the thirty will put all that to rest.

HEALTH.  Get off the field in one piece.  No hamstring pulls.  No slight sprains.  No “may not be available for the regular season openers”.  Just get off the damn field and start preparing for the Detroit Lions.