Thoughts on Beating the Packers

| September 28th, 2010

  • Raise your hand if last night reminded you of 2006.  There is one major difference.   Jay Cutler is 1,000,000 times the quarterback Rex Grossman ever was.  This might be the worst offensive line in football and Cutler created offense last night where there was none to be found.
  • My mindless support of Greg Olsen for the last year plus is starting to look less mindless these days.
  • It is impossible to dislike Aaron Rodgers.  The kid can play quarterback.
  • As bad as that offensive line is, I thought Kevin Shaffer earned himself a shot at that right tackle spot moving forward.  I’m starting to wonder where Chris Williams figures into all of this.
  • It was a great night for Lovie Smith’s defense.  Some will say the Packers dominated the game because they dominated the time of possession but time of possession does not equal points.  The big plays made to Jermichael Finley over the middle were great, great, great throws.
  • Julius Peppers is pretty damn remarkable, ain’t he?  I’d love to see another sack or two on his stat sheet but he is currently dominating the opposition in the run game and forcing an inordinate amount of penalties on weak offensive tackles.  And the blocked field goal.  Beautiful.  Somebody needs to step up opposite Peppers at some time season.
  • The Bears are better without Tommie Harris.
  • The Bears are not better without Devin Aromashodu.
  • The Bears should never run the wildcat.
  • I believe I predicted something about Devin Hester returning a punt for a touchdown.  Never been happier to be right in my life.
  • Gotta catch that ball, Desmond Clark.  Gotta.  Catch.  That.  Ball.
  • Brad Maynard had a hell of a game punting the ball.  Both of the terrific Devin Hester returns were partly the result of his forcing the Packers to start inside their own ten.
  • This is the best Brian Urlacher has played since the early part of the decade.
  • 3-0.  Wow.