Thoughts on the Fifth Straight Victory

| December 6th, 2010

First, congrats to Shady – the man the fans decided should enjoy Bears v. Pats with Noah and myself Sunday.  I can’t remember the day Shady first started commenting but he’s been here an awful long time and it’ll be a pleasure to have him buy me a beer (or 3).  Shady, send me an email (jeff@dabearsblog.com). Onto the game…

  • The defense was wretched at times and our coverage units were dealing us a bad hand repeatedly but yesterday Jay Cutler and the offense kept the Bears in the game and ultimately won it.  
  • This game was defined, for me, by two drives.  The Lions touchdown drive to end the first half exposed the lethargy with which the Bears had played the entire first half and most likely incited a halftime riot.
  • And when the Bears needed a couple first downs to put the game away in the fourth, they let Cutler throw the ball.  Last week Jay Cutler became the emotional leader.  This week he became the physical leader.
  • The Bears have found their running game at the right time of year.
  • Earl Bennett is now officially the Bears #1 receiver.  So if you don’t mind, don’t go getting into Lovie’s dog house like your predecessors.  
  • Who whiffs on more blocks?  Brandon Manumaleuna or Frank Omiyale?
  • Tice & company need to stop pulling Olin Kreutz to the outside.  He simply can’t get there.
  • Loved the shot of Hester’s disappointment on the almost-score punt return.
  • Brilliant performances by Robbie Gould and Brad Maynard.
  • The Lions decided to accept the Bears perimeter pass rush and used a combination of outside runs and screens to exploit out aggressiveness.  It worked.  And the Bears better be ready for it Sunday from Tom Brady.
  • Chris Harris played his worst game of the year and it’s the first truly bad safety performance this season.  The Calvin Johnson touchdown was inexcusably poor execution.  The entire framework of the defense is designed for that play not to happen.
  • You know what’s funny about the Bears?  I can predict with 95% accuracy when they are going to commit a false start.
  • I would trade a lot for Ndamukong Suh.  I think he’s going to be the best defensive player in the league as soon as Week One of 2011.
  • The team was slow and plodding in the first half, calm and in-command in the second half.  Credit has to go to the coaching staff and Lovie Smith.
  • Smith also gets credit for having confidence in DJ Moore.  The kid can play.
  • The Bears are now 9-3, 4-0 in the division and 7-3 in the conference.  They are primed for a run to the postseason.