Trading Alex Brown a Horrid Mistake

| March 26th, 2010

According to NFL sources and the Tribune, the Bears are actively attempting to trade Alex Brown.  If they can’t trade Brown, there is a chance they’ll release him.

Aside from being my favorite player on team, Brown has been (with Lance Briggs) the most consistent defensive performer of the last five years.  While his sack totals have never been impressive, he is nevertheless hell for even the elite left tackles to block.  He’s all motor.  All intensity.  All heart.  And he has a knack for making plays in big situations.  His goal line tackle to beat the Philadelphia Eagles two years ago is one of the great football plays of my lifetime.

But more than that even, Brown is a vocal critic of the defense.  While so many on that side of the ball fall back on the tired “we’re a good defense” mantra that permeates out of Lovie’s office, Brown has never shied away from calling out the unit for what they are: bad. 

Committing to a combination of Israel Idonije and Mark Anderson opposite Julius Peppers would be a horribly regrettable error.  Idonije’s physical prowess is impressive but the coaching staff’s inability to find a role for him has led to long stretches of inactivity.  Anderson is nothing more than an okay pass rusher.  He’s one of those guys Lovie has a misguided opinion of.

So go ahead and trade Alex Brown for a low-level draft pick and spend the year wondering where the heart of the defense has gone.  Trade Alex Brown and wonder why offenses are more-than-willing to take Julius Peppers out of the game with double-teams and chips.  Trade Alex Brown and watch which side Ryan Grant and Adrian Peterson target.

Or keep Alex Brown.  Because he’s one of the best goddamn players on the team.