Two Monday Night Tidbits

| December 16th, 2010

The Bears are preparing to protest the playing of Monday night’s game outdoors at TCF Bank Stadium because they believe the surface of the ground might actually be frozen.  (This seems to me, in the concussion age, a valid argument.)  The Vikings don’t want to play in Indianapolis because they believe it will become a Bears home game (it would) and other options that are circulating now include moving the game to Atlanta – where ESPN will need to be next week anyway for the game between the Saints and Falcons next Monday night.  

My summary of all this.  Maybe if you are going to build a stadium in an area that receives heavy snowfall, you might want to cover it with something stronger than a trash bag.  Or you could always grow a pair and get rid of the roof altogether.
Tarvaris Jackson has now been officially placed on IR by the Vikings with a terrible case of turf toe.  (Seriously, you couldn’t last two games?)  This means that Joe Webb is the expected starter with newly-signed Patrick Ramsey ready to come in should Webb not look up to professional standards.