Two Weeks Til They Count

| August 29th, 2010

Two weeks from today the Chicago Bears will kickoff the 2010 campaign, having managed to lower expectations with three plodding, boring preseason outings.  For those of you who choose to ring the doomsday bell, remember that the 2006 Bears – the ones that went to the Super Bowl – were one of the worst preseason teams in fanchise history.  They lost painfully to the Niners and Cardinals and needed an INT return and kickoff return to beat the Chargers.  They were bad.  And folks like David Haugh were challenging the confidence of Lovie Smith every day in the Tribune. (David is at it again.  Possibly a good omen.)

What matters from this preseason?  The quarterback and receivers haven’t fully developed their rhythm yet but they will.  The linebackers are battling some nagging injuries.  The offensive line has struggled on obvious passing downs.  The defense still can’t really stop the pass and will be reliant on Orange Julius and the pass rush.

What else matters?  Nothing.  Zero.  If the Chicago Bears hold Detroit scoreless in the first half, no one will remember the preseason.  If Cutler & Co. drive the length of the field for an opening drive score, no one will be talking about timing.  The preseason does not count and it seems the only ones who’ve forgotten that are the fans.  Why?  Because we’re hungry for football and this is the only football on. 

It starts in two weeks against the Detroit Lions.  Real football.  Bears football.  And I think we’re going to see a terrific Bears effort and an important Week One victory.  But whatever the case may be, I’ll reserve my evaluation for games that count towards the standings.  And I’m looking forward to that 1-0.