| January 26th, 2010

Jeremy Bates.  No thanks.

Tom Clements.  Not allowed.
Chud.  No thanks.
Hue Jackson.  No thanks.
Ken Zampese.  Not allowed.
Nobody wants the Bears’ offensive coordinator position and it has nothing to do with the players on the roster.  The next OC will get one year under a sinking-ship head coach who will force you to run the ball early and often.  Every other team in the league, at any other position, offers more job stability.  
For that reason, and that reason alone, it is time for the Bears to hire Mike Martz and move on.  It isn’t ideal.  Hell, it isn’t even good.  But it’s what needs to be done so this organization doesn’t go through the entirety of the college scouting process without knowledge of what their offensive system will be.  
The only other possibility is the coaches being targeted by the Bears are still in the postseason.  But I’d be beyond surprised if a coach would leave either the Colts or Saints to come and work in Chicago for 11 months.