Use Your Delusion

| February 25th, 2010

So the Chicago Bears send their fans an invoice for season tickets and Ted Phillips uses it as an opportunity to once again display the fact that the organization has a president who knows very little about the sport.

“The need to bring in new ideas, energy and passion has never been more
apparent, and in that regard, the addition of Mike Martz as offensive
coordinator and the promotion of Rod Marinelli to defensive coordinator
bring a renewed focus on winning from two of the most well respected
and intelligent coaches in the NFL.”

Look, I think Mike Martz is going to make the Bears offense far more interesting.  But Teddy Ballgame and the rest of the folks working at Halas Hall need to refrain from using Rod Marinelli’s promotion as a sign of good things to come.  The 2010 defensive unit was the worst in my lifetime and the response to that must be upgrades in personnel.  If you want fans to share in your moronic optimism, show us Julius Peppers.  Not Rod Marinelli.

In the meanwhile, say nothing.  Write nothing.