Vikings at Bears Game Preview

| November 10th, 2010

With the season at the crossroads, the division within their grasp and the worst football player/human being in American history entering their home, Sunday is a big football game for the Chicago Bears.

Brett Favre and some other guys
Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?
  • I always like the Chicago Bears.
  • Jay Cutler looked poised in the pocket against the Buffalo Bills, who are nowhere near as good up front as the Minnesota Vikings.  I think Cutler is beginning to understand that he can move the chains consistently by dumping the ball to backs, hitting his hot routes and using his legs when the protection breaks down.  Frank Omiyale will not block Jared Allen and Cutler will know that coming in.  (Or at least he should)
  • Brett Favre throws 3-5 passes a game that not only could but should be returned to the house for six points.  The Bears – especially Jennings and Moore – have shown a knack for finding the football.  I think they’ll find it Sunday.
  • The last three games in this rivalry at Soldier Field:  34-31 Vikings, 48-41 Bears and 36-30 Bears.  Keep your opponent under 30 and you win.  I think the Bears do it.  
  • The way to beat the Bears defense consistently is the way Favre used to in Green Bay.  Quick slants force the corners up and then you take shots under the safeties and to tight ends in the seam.  The tight end scares the hell out of me but I don’t fear a hobbling Rice, achy-headed Harvin and Bernard “I stink” Berrian – especially Berrian.
  • Playoff atmosphere at Soldier Field.  Write it down.
  • Julius Peppers has been saving his finest performance for this one.
  • Robbie Gould won’t miss another big one this year under 50 yards.
  • The Bears re-realized how useful Greg Olsen and Chester Taylor are to this offense on Sunday and I think you’ll see increased impact for both of them this week.  Then again, the pattern has gone the opposite way.
  • This is the game Devin Hester wins late because Brad Childress is no good and he’ll kick to him.
Chicago Bears 27, Minnesota Vikings 26