Wait, We’re Supposed to Block Those Guys?

| October 4th, 2010

It rained on me in the Meadowlands last night and I didn’t mind.  Because a tornado could have picked up out of that beautiful new facility in the swamp, swirled me around in the sky and flung me into the glass of the Whiskey Cafe in Lyndhurst and I still would not have felt as bad as Jay Cutler.

The 3-0 Chicago Bears embarrassed themselves against the New York Giants of New Jersey in ways I didn’t think possible.  All the much-discussed problems along the offensive line came to a head, as the G-men sacked Bears quarterbacks three hundred times and knocked the franchise’s most valuable asset out of the game with a concussion.

Forget about the second half.  Even if the ball had bounced the right way, which it almost did, the Bears would not have been able to thump their chests on the plane ride home.  The 2010 Chicago Bears should consider the first half their current identity.  They are terrific on defense and specials.  And they can’t block. 

As good as Mikes Martz and Tice have been this season, that’s how awful they were last night.  Did we not have a screen or a quick out in the playbook this week?  Did our quarterbacks need to keep continually dropping back into a suffocated pocket?  Bears fans throughout the stadium were screaming advice for Martz that made far more sense than what was actually being run.  I hate to say it but last night was one of those games that makes you scratch your head about Martz.  I think this system is the right one for our quarterback but he can not keep operating like our offensive line is capable.

And in my mind, we’re going to Carolina.  Against a head coach who knows how to get after the quarterback.  The Bears have shown in the past, especially under this coach, they are prone to short memories.  With or without Cutler (please be with) the Bears can not let last night become a trend as they enter the easiest portion of their schedule.  They are still 3-1.  Still leading a Green Bay Packers that is not the juggernaut the prognosticators thought they were.  Learn from last night’s disaster and move on.  That’s all they can do.