What’s Your Ideal Lions Game Outcome?

| September 8th, 2010

So here’s the schedule.  Tomorrow we’ll do the season opener thread.  Friday will be my first Bears game pick column of the season and rumor has it I’ll be taking the Chicago Bears (Why DO I like the Chicago Bears this week?  Tune it and find out!)  Saturday comes the launch of DaBlog Saturday Show – a weekly picks phone/radio show that will have a cool fan component with an interesting, year-end giveaway prize.  And I’m pleased to announce that the new t-shirts are in development and will hopefully be available before the Week Two kickoff in Dallas.


But here’s my question for Bears fans in the lead-up to our first game of the season.  And I want serious answers.  What result – and be specific as possible – would please you on Sunday at Soldier Field?  
Here’s my answer: a win.  I’d love to see Jay Cutler not throw a pick or spend any time on his back and for the defense to suffocate the Lions on third down.  But more than anything else, I’d like to see the Bears leave the field on Sunday having scored more points than the Lions.  It’s Week One and not starting 0-1, specifically against the Lions, is the priority.