Who Are the Chicago Bears?

| September 28th, 2010

Some fans get mired in Power Rankings and pundit prognostications.  Some fans clamor for respect from the national “experts” because it seems the national “experts” are the only ones talking about sports on television these days.  We live in a BCS sports culture.  A sports culture, led by the four-letters, that believes winning is not enough.  Because if winning were enough, if results were all that mattered, what the hell would the roster of talent the four-letters employs have to talk about?   

Here’s what the Bears are: 3-0.  A game clear of the Packers and the entire NFC.  They are not a world-beating football team about to rampage through their sixteen-game schedule and dominate the postseason.  They are a team with terrible weaknesses on the offensive line, inconsistent wide receiver play and a never-ending cycle of defensive backs.  The 2006 Chicago Bears, one could argue, played their best football in the first half of the regular season.  This team has yet to play a complete game.  And they’ve yet to lose.  That’s a tremendous sign of things to come.
The Bears now go to the New Meadowlands (as will I) to play a reeling Giants team in what will feel like a home game.  Giants fans shun night games and the place will be full of navy blue jerseys.  They then go to Carolina to play one of the worst teams in the league before home Seahawks, home Redskins and the Bills in Toronto.  At worst, I think the Bears are looking at a 6-2 start and sixteen meaningful regular season games.
That’s who the Bears are.  A contender.  For it all?  Maybe.  For the division title?  Absolutely.  And a trip to the postseason means anything is possible.