Who Wants to Be a Coordinator?

| January 13th, 2010

I spent the last couple days down the Jersey shore, casually looking at the Tribune’s website and ESPN News in hopes that the Bears would seal the deal on a pair of coordinators.  Nothing.  A couple uninspiring interviews to follow the news that Jeremy Bates would follow Pete Carroll to Seattle.  Bates – while certainly a risk – would have been an exciting addition to a coaching staff in desperate need of new edge.  

It occurred to me on the train ride this morning exactly what the Bears should do.  They should fire Lovie Smith.  Today.  Stop this absurd charade and make the change that needs making.  They should then turn around and make a substantial offer to Panthers’ head coach John Fox, a lame duck in Carolina, looking for any easy to go somewhere else.  They won’t do this because it requires an organizational foresight that is sorely lacking at Halas Hall.  Fox and Jeff Fisher are the types of guys that belong in Chicago and both are going to win a Super Bowl.  Soon.
The Bears are setting us up in 2010.  All of us.  A couple new coordinators will be brought in and we’ll still see opponents convert on third-and-longs.  We’ll still see our offense get off the bus running the ball to the tune of under three yards per.  No good coach who longs for occupational security (perish the thought) will join the staff of a head coach the whole world knows is an 8-8 season away from the unemployment line.  
And so we wait.  For what?  The introduction of a guy like Ken Zampese.  The reuniting of Perry Fewell of Lovie Smith.  And I’ll greet it the way I’m going to greet everything before the start of the 2010 season.  With a resounding, disappointed sigh.
Can you tell it’s my birthday?