Will Bears Trade Up Into Second Round?

| March 31st, 2010

Interesting article from Brad Biggs in the Tribune hypothesizing a possible move by the Bears into the second round to acquire an impact safety.

“There is more elite talent at the safety position overall this year
than there has been in past years with talk about four potentially
fitting into the first round and Nate Allen is a guy who could
potentially sneak in there,” Nawrocki said. “I think (the Bears) have
to fill that need, they’re looking hard at it and I think there is a
chance they could potentially move up to the second round, trade up,
and I know I have heard some discussion around the league about that
possibility. They should be able to address the needs with the players
that are in this draft.”

Nawrocki noted a couple players who might be available at No. 75 if the
Bears stay put. The only previous time Angelo has traded up was in 2003
when he made a trade to move up in the fifth round to draft wide
receiver Justin Gage. We’re talking about a minor trade at that point
in the draft.

Nawrocki’s three other options with free-safety skills are Major Wright of Florida, T.J. Ward of  Oregon and Chad Jones of LSU.

There are concerns about the durability of Ward and his left knee that
could push him down draft boards. The Bears certainly have a track
record of gambling on players with injury red flags.

It’s all going to start with how high a team is willing to go to draft
Berry. It’s rare for safeties to go that high in the draft.

“The value relative to the money that is paid to these players nowadays
makes it difficult to invest that highly unless you really know what
you are getting,” Nawrocki said.

The real question here is does Jerry Angelo have the organizational authority to relinquish draft picks in 2011?  Knowing this entire regime is on a playoffs-or-bust mandate, I think the McCaskey family and Ted Phillips need to ensure that J-Love doesn’t make the hill to high for the next group to climb.