Zorn: The Right Coordinator

| January 27th, 2010

The Bears are not looking for an offensive coach to institute a head coach’s scheme.  They’re looking for a coach to install an offensive identity.  Jensen – the new Brad Biggs at the Sun-Times – posits Jim Zorn as the right man for the job:

”Any quarterback who’s willing to work would be a great fit for Jim
Zorn,” said Matt Hasselbeck, a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback for the
Seahawks who entered the league in 1998 on the Green Bay Packers’
practice squad. ”He’s going to make you work. You can’t think, ‘Hey,
I’m going to have a wonderful offseason, sipping Mai Tais on South

”He’s demanding. As a player, you sort of hate it while you’re with
him. But at some point during the season, or late in the season, you
look back and say, ‘Man, he made me a lot better.”’

I’m pretty disappointed in myself for not thinking this first.  Zorn is a perfect hire – aggressive and opinionated.  He’ll disrupt the era of complacency currently happening down at Halas Hall.