A Bunch of Post-Game Thoughts From the Bar

| October 2nd, 2011

I used the same photo as the game thread because, basically, it felt appropriate.

  • Here’s an idea.  Put your best corner on the other team’s best receiver.  If you want to pretend Steve Smith is an average wide receiver, that’s fine.  But he’s not an average wide receiver.  He’s pound-for-pound the best WR in the league and he demands the attention of your best defensive back.  Charles Tillman can sure create a fumble but I’m not impressed by covering LaFell.
  • Enough with Johnny Knox returning every other kickoff.
  • How about Johnny Knox starts again?  Cuz I have no interest in Roy Williams.
  • We might need to address the concept that we can’t stop the run.  I’m not ready yet.
  • Devin Hester is the best kick returner in the history of football and it isn’t close.
  • Frank Omiyale should not start at right tackle next week.  And I literally don’t care who does.  If they need me, I will.
  • Cutler and the coaching staff have an obvious disdain for one another that he likes to advertise on his face.  And you know what?  I’m fully on Cutler’s side.
  • Burn more timeouts in dumb situations, Lovie.
  • Get plays in the quarterback slower, Martz.
  • How about we put the quarterback on his back, defensive line?  I love pressure but I need you guys to plant people into the ground.
  • Adam Podlesh is growing on me.
  • Sanzenbacher has to catch the ball on third down.  Otherwise what use is he?
  • Matt Forte.  Words are not enough.  Brilliant.
  • I like that we went from trading a terrific pass catching tight end to having no tight end ever on any play.
  • I can’t believe that a head coach who suffered through that 2005 playoff loss to Carolina would not concern himself with Steve Smith.  I really can’t.  Next week we face Calvin Johnson.  He’s brilliant.  Maybe, just maybe, cover him?