A Discussion on Dave Toub’s Brilliant “Fake” Punt Return

| September 27th, 2011

Even while the kickoff return game has been negated significantly by moronic NFL rule changes, Dave Toub and Chicago Bears special teams continue to provide the fan base with excited on-field moments.

The “fake” punt return was a stroke of football genius.  A veritable Brazzers clip for football x’s and o’s nerds like myself.  The Packers agreed, with Aaron Rodgers calling it the greatest football play call he’d ever seen.

Listening to the B.S. Report podcast with Cousin Sal (a weekly must for the gambling sort), an interesting point was raised: Why run that play down ten points with a minute remaining in a game you’re going to lose?  There are two modes of thought on this:

  1. You can never run this play again so why not use when it has the chance to truly influence the outcome of a contest without the need to subsequently execute an onside kick.
  2. By running this play, the Bears have put it on film and now teams will have to spend time during the week preparing for it.  This will then make Devin Hester more lethal on returns.

After passing the the exhilaration of the experience, I think the play was completed wasted in a game that was over.  Where do you stand?