A Million and a Half Reasons the Bears Beat the Eagles

| November 8th, 2011

I am going rapid fire here.  I am too excited to do anything else.

  • Was I nuts?  Is Earl Bennett this good?  He looked like a legitimate number one receiver last night and I apologize to any commenter I criticized for saying that.
  • Jay Cutler won the football game.  You have your quarterback, Chicago.
  • Julius Peppers is beyond male.
  • Izzy Idonije knew when to step his game up.
  • The Bears have the best linebackers in football and I’m tired of hearing people say otherwise.
  • Forte, stop fumbling.  Otherwise you’re gold.
  • Did anyone have a single complaint about the Bears offensive line last night?  Me neither.  Amazing, Mike Tice.  Amazing.
  • I love D.J. Moore.
  • And Tim Jennings’ tackling.
  • Adam Podlesh should not be forgotten for pinning DeSean Jackson in that corner when he fumbled.  Huge punt.
  • The 51 yard field goal by Robbie Gould?  Also huge.
  • I think Lovie Smith is a winning football coach.  And if you gave him a better GM, he’d win championships.
  • Roy Williams, go fuck yourself.  You have to catch that bomb.
  • On a similar note I would stop the Devin Hester experience on offense sooner than later.
  • Did I mention Julius Peppers is post-male?
  • We thought the story would be the safeties.  It wasn’t.  They were great.
  • Chris Williams, I’m watching.  You’re becoming one of the best guards in the game.
  • When Gabe Carimi comes back, you tell me where he goes…

I’m sure there’s more but I’m slightly less than intoxicated and I’m going to sleep.  See ya’ll tomorrow.  Big win for our Bears.