A Plea to the Bears Faithful at Soldier Field on Sunday

| September 21st, 2011

Late this Sunday afternoon the Super Bowl champions will come to the Lakefront and take on the Chicago Bears.  It is Packer Week and those are only guaranteed twice a year.  Listening to Chicagoland radio Monday morning it became more than apparent the Bears faithful were not only willing but downright giddy to trash everything (and I mean everything) involving the organization.  Suddenly 30-12 was the dream and 30-13 was the reality.  The fans I listened to seemed more excited to say “I told you so” than they would have been to say “Yeehaw!  We’re 2-0!”  It is the most consistently disappointing component of doing what I do: having to deal with the inherent negativity of those supposedly pulling for the same club and those reporting on the club for the city’s dailies.


Sunday has the opportunity to be a pivotal moment of the 2011 Chicago Bears season and a true home field advantage must be created at Soldier Field.  Chicago. Rome. Soldier. Coliseum.  Force Aaron Rodgers to burn timeouts when he can’t communicate audibles at the line of scrimmage. Get on the refs when you don’t agree with a bullshit pass interference call on Tim Jennings.  When Roy Williams makes the formerly obnoxious first down gesture after a big third down catch, shake the damn building.

But don’t boo.  Especially not early in the game.  I understand the cost of ticket prices for the ballpark.  But if J’Marcus Webb lets a rusher around him on the left side early, don’t turn on him.  If Cutler throws a pick in a bad spot, calm down.  If they lose, if they get embarrassed at home, you’ll have six more games to unleash your wrath on all things Bears.  Sunday all that fourth phase bullshit matters.  Don’t disappoint.