Audibles for a Thursday Morning

| August 11th, 2011

Outside of conditions (field doesn’t work, lights don’t work) prohibiting the Bears from actually practicing in a normal way, this has been a relatively unexciting training camp from a roster perspective.


Here is the quote from Mike Martz regarding Johnny Knox not being on the field as a starter right now:

“He just has to get better. He has to play better,” Martz told the Tribune on Wednesday. “That’s all. It’s just like when Johnny came in, Earl (Bennett) was the starter. We pushed Earl aside for Johnny because of the speed. We kind of gave that job to Johnny. That wasn’t really earned. And once you get in this league, you should earn.

“He just was not ready, not because he can’t do it or he’s not talented. The preparation, the consistency that’s required … he does a lot of good things, but they have to be good all the time. That’s what Roy is.

It’s very interesting to hear the Bears tell us they were fielding a player at the starting x receiver position a year ago who they did not feel had earned the right to be a starting receiver.  Wasn’t this what the media wrote and fans argued and was constantly bashed by the coaching staff and front office?  So they’re admitting to lying about “liking their wide receivers”?


Dane Sanzenbacher and Chris Conte are the focal points of this camp wrap-up in the Sun-Times and they’ll be the focal points for coaches and fans Saturday night.  Sanzenbacher finds himself behind Roy, Devin, Knox, Earl and Hurd at WR but a solid preseason might enable him to leap into a consistent role in the slot.  Safety remains a position where the Bears have zero depth and Conte may be called upon for real action if injuries attack Major Wright or Chris Harris.  Conte needs solid showings this summer, staring against Buffalo Saturday night.