Audibles From the Bored Long Snapper

| June 17th, 2011

Unless you are a fan of TheOtherSports (shameless plug) I’m not sure what you’re doing with your weekends.  Taking the wife to the circus?  Watching the kids hit a ball off a tee?  Nonsense.  The U.S. Open is this weekend!  Four Gold Cup quarterfinal matches, including the United States meeting Jamaica at RFK Sunday at 3!  Cup racing at Michigan!  A full slate of MLS action!  Or you put ProFootball up on your screen and keep hitting refresh until things get resolved in the NFL.

DaBearsBlog Design

Next week DaBearsBlog and the entire ChicagoNow network are undergoing severe design changes.  Since I’ve not done any of the necessary work entailed in such changes, things will be messy in these parts for ten days or so.  Once we make the change, feel free to email me and complain about it.  It’s going to be simple, yet elegant.

Player-Run Training Sessions Are a Terrible Idea

When I heard Jay Cutler was running offensive training sessions with some receivers and backs, mirroring what it happening around the league, I had one thought: are these guys nuts?  Haven’t we learned how brittle the human knee can be when making the stops and cuts required of the typical NFL athlete?  Why would these players risk injury without the protection of an NFL franchise’s contract and an NFL franchise’s doctors?  Does anybody believe the Giants will be better because Eli had a catch with Mario Manningham at Hoboken high school?  This is the kind of thing the players are doing to carry favor with the fans.  Look at how much they love to play!  Let the kids dance!  I ain’t buying it.

Urlacher Repeats: Bears Better Than Packers

So said #54 and so PFT gleefully reports.  Ironically this was reported on the same day the Packers received their Super Bowl rings.  So I guess the point goes to the Wisconsin folks.