Audibles From the Lockout Snapper

| June 9th, 2011

A Sad Story About My Fandom

I have a $200 Delta voucher that is burning a hole in my pocket.  In normal years, in any other of the past ten years, I would already have booked a weekend in Chicago.  But I can’t.  So I spent the entire morning looking for flights to the New York Red Bulls (yes, kid, me love the futbol) opposing cities in September and October.  I wonder how much revenue the city of Chicago – the hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions – is losing with each day this lockout continues.  There’s a piece that should appear in the dailies.
Joe Theismann Defends Jay Cutler
Here’s the article.  Who cares?
Santana Moss Rumors?  Really?
PFT picked up on a Larry Mayer mailbag item – proof that the football media world is desperate for anything to write about – stating the Bears might be interested in acquiring the services of Santana Moss.  Mayer writes glowingly of Moss and then says:
I see no reason why the Bears wouldn’t at least consider taking a look at him unless they feel he’s too similar in size, stature and style to receivers such as Johnny Knox and Devin Hester who are already on their roster.”  
What would give you that impression, Larry?  The fact that all three are the exact same player!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m not going to write anymore “The Bears Should Sign Sidney Rice” columns because it’s a complete no-brainer and if the team doesn’t recognize that, fine.
Lockout Update!
They’re all still dicks.