Audibles From the Long Snapper

| February 21st, 2011

So You Don’t Like Jerry Angelo?

Say what you will about his inability to locate good offensive linemen in the NFL draft, it’s impossible not to appreciate Angelo’s lengthy comments about the CBA discord that is dominating the league’s news cycles.
“This game is special. It brings people together. It galvanizes cities. And during the tough times in this economy … I’m not saying sports is the elixir, but it kind of helps people just have some fun in tough times.”

“This game has been everything to me, personally,” Angelo said. “I love this game. I’ve done everything I’ve could to respect the game, to make it better, like you want to do with anything you’re a part of in your life.

“That’s the part that’s bothersome. It’s not about people losing jobs. It’s not about anything other than we’re in an entertainment world. It’s a business. I know it’s a big pie. How that pie is distributed, people will determine that. But I’m more concerned with our game and that it doesn’t get tainted.”

Angelo comes across mild-mannered, balanced and likable.  He comes across like a man that’s easy to root for.

Duerson’s Suicide a Lesson for NFLPA
I hate to take something as personal as a man’s suicide and discuss it in pseudo-political terms but Duerson’s request to have his brain studied should be taken by the NFLPA as a warning sign.  The health of players – not the rookie wage scale or guaranteed contracts – should be their focus as they debate a new CBA.  Duerson suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – an illness that is a direct result from the consistent, violent contact sustained as an NFL safety.  Can the NFL prevent this in the future?  Maybe not.  But they sure as hell should have the best doctors in the country working on it.  And the players shouldn’t show up for an OTA, training camp practice or ballgame until they do.

Jerry Angelo Says Chester Taylor Might Stay in Chicago

If you think that headline is generic, you should read the story.  This is an article that actually states Jerry Angelo’s belief that Chester Taylor may or may not be on the roster in 2011.
The Bob Sanders Watch Has Begun
I don’t think it’ll be a team-altering signing, bringing in the most injured player in the NFL to play safety.  But I think Lovie Smith will insist on kicking the tires of Bob Sanders and if he can stay on the field, the Bears will be the best team in football against the run in 2011.  Matt Bowen breaks down four other possible landing spots for him at National Football Post.