Audibles From the Long Snapper: Waiting…

| May 7th, 2011

This is the problem the NFL faced all along with this year’s draft.  They were going to spend three days reminded fans across the country how much we love all the minutiae of the league and then leave us with a few months of conversations that begin with the phrase, “Hey, is there football yet?”  That’s where we are now.  There are no trades.  There is no free agency.  And unless there is a miraculous reversal of tides, there won’t be training camp in the middle of the summer. So in order to not be bored, we discuss silly things.  Like…

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Conte Has Link to The Godfather
From Brad Biggs’ illuminating piece on Beard third-round pick Chris Conte:

Conte comes from a family accustomed to playing roles. His
grandfather Richard Conte had a career spanning four decades in show
business. He starred in “Godfather” as Don Barzini after being
considered for the title role that went to Marlon Brando. He had a prominent role in “Call Northside 777,” the 1948 film starring James Stewart
that was the first Hollywood picture shot on location in Chicago. He
was in the original “Ocean’s Eleven” and was a close friend of Frank Sinatra.

guess I’m not cute enough for the business,” Conte joked. “It never
interested me. My dad (Mark) is a film editor and I’d go into his work
to see him in a dark room on the computer all day. I was like, ‘Why
would you want to do this?’ I want to be outside, being physical,

The rest of the article depicts a kid with a lot of confidence, believing he can come in immediately and compete for a starting position.  And being that he’s probably the only true free safety on the roster (once he signs a contract), I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make an impact on the field this season.

Perhaps Duerson Will Make Impact, Perhaps Note
Researchers at Boston University have made it clear that analyzing brains like Dave Duerson’s – brains that have clearly suffered significant damage – is actually producing very little information when it comes to analyzing the impact for NFL players.  The problem doctors are facings is they’ve only been given the opportunity to analyze brains suspected of suffering from CTE and until they analyze brains considered “healthy” they will not be able to address the illness as an NFL epidemic.

This is a complicated issue, sure, but an issue the league must commit every available resource to.  If they don’t, they’ll doom these terrific athletes to lives of misery.