Bears Down For Now But Nowhere Near Out

| September 25th, 2011

Most of you will consider Sunday a doomsday scenario for the Chicago Bears.  You’re wrong.  Yes the Bears lost to the better team and the far better coaching staff but here’s the simple fact: the better group in September is rarely the better group in late December.  The Bears aren’t a bad team.  They are a flawed, mistake-riddled group.  Here are my quick hit thoughts:

  • Don’t blame the “balance”.  The Bears could not run the ball against the Packers Sunday.  The passing game had plays to be made by the quarterback missed far too many open receivers and the receivers dropped far too many balls.  (I’d love to hear Coach Drake explain this one.)
  • The Bears have to stop the run.  Giving a team as good as the Packers second-and-four every drive is a one way ticket to the loss column.
  • On that note, stop complaining Johnny Knox.  If you want to be the #1…catch the ball.
  • Nice job, Kellen Davis.
  • Nice job overall, offensive line.  I can’t blame these guys if the Bears are going to live on the seven-step drops.
  • And I was surprised Frank Omiyale played such a solid game.
  • As for Mike Martz, I think it’s a lost cause.  The Bears are not going to be able to change coordinators mid-season and be productive enough to make a playoff push.  But how can this team not run any screen and quick tosses for three and a half quarters?  How can you not use Forte in the passing game until you’re desperate?
  • Oh is Jermichael Finley good, Lovie?  Guess you don’t read this site but you can’t cover him at the fucking goal line with Lance Briggs.
  • Jay Cutler needs to be smarter with the football.  I know what he expects his receivers to do but they are NOT going to do that so stop.
  • Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Henry Melton, Julius Pepper…well done.
  • I think the Roy Williams experiment is almost complete.
  • Devin Hester used to catch deep balls from Kyle Orton.  Pretty regularly.  Why doesn’t he catch them from a QB with a far better arm?
  • Someone has to step up opposite Peppers.
  • Adam Podlesh has more leg, right?
  • I don’t blame Mike Martz anymore.  You can’t expect a hungry lion to give a weak gazelle a blow job.  I can still get mad.  And Martz’ offense does not work with the skill players on this roster.  There is, however, a perfectly fine offense capable of being run and Martz must adapt to it by next Sunday or be unemployed.  And if Lovie Smith is not capable of making that change, he’ll be the defensive coordinator at Texas A&M next year.

All hope is not lost.  Far from it.  The Bears will beat Carolina next week and be 2-2.  But we need this team to improve in all facets before they face their next elite opponent.  The goal is winning a title.  Not winning a division.