Bears Have Questions to Answer Tonight in Philadelphia

| November 7th, 2011

As we all try to endure the horror that is a Monday when the Bears play Monday Night Football, I can’t help but think the Bears have much to prove tonight as they square off with the Eagles at the Linc.

  1. Can they avoid the false starts and terrible mistakes that doomed them on the road in Detroit. Philadelphia won’t be quite as rowdy but it’ll be rowdy nevertheless.  A flagfest will kill the mood of many fans (especially me).
  2. Can the Bears protect their quarterback from a pair of hungry defensive ends in Jason Babin and Trent Cole?  We are all starting to believe this offensive line is finding their rhythm but giving Cutler the time to throw tonight will prove it.
  3. The Bears defense is forever susceptible to the cutback run and McCoy might be the best cutback runner in the sport currently.  Was two weeks enough preparation time for LoveRod?
  4. If the game ends up of the shootout variety, is Cutler ready to win one of those affairs on the road?
  5. Will the defensive line amp up the pressure on a night they’ll need to?  Will Chris Conte keep the game in front of him?
  6. Will the Bears win a major game in primetime and thrust themselves heartily into the contenders conversation?

Congrats to NewBearinTown for getting the Sunday puzzle correct and earning the point for the picks contest.  Ufficio and BossBear90 had perfect Sundays.  IrishSweetness, EnderWiggin and tobijohn need the Bears tonight.  

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