Bears & Packers: Final Notes

| January 22nd, 2011

NFL Says Soldier Field Sod in Good Shape

Read the article linked here.  Now if you believe the article you’ve just read, you are most likely one of the reported 60% of Americans who believe Noah’s Ark was an historical event.  I’m sincerely doubtful the Bears were working overtime to eradicate their most significant Soldier Field advantage.
Desmond Clark to Suit-Up Tomorrow
I understand that players like to use the Twitter but if I’m Lovie Smith I’m not pleased Desmond Clark personally leaked his playing status for tomorrow.  Even if Clark will have no role in the passing game aside from max protection schemes, giving players like Matthews and Woodson a day to study his tendencies as a blocker is simply not wise.  Every match-up, every moment, could be the decisive one tomorrow.
After Having Read All the Prognostications…
…I will say this: analysts are leading far too heavily on “the Packers are the better team.”  Are they?  Probably.  But it’s not the fault of the Bears that they earned a bye week and because of seeding landed the easier opponent in the Divisional Round.  The Packers had to beat the Eagles (barely) and the Falcons because they put themselves in that situation.  And now they are being predicted to go to the Super Bowl because of it.  Seems odd to me.
One More Radio Appearance Tonight
I’ll be on ESPN 1700 Des Moines (my home away from home) at 10:15 CST tonight with Trent Condon.  I really dig this show and am loving my appearance.  Click here to listen live.