Bears Priority One: In House

| July 11th, 2011

There are rumors, RUMORS mind you, that the players and owners are targeting a resolution to this labor nonsense on July 21st.  Your first question should be what my first question was: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING TEN DAYS?  GET THIS DAMN THING DONE.  PFT does a very nice job breaking down how the days after that resolution might play out.  It goes without saying that if this deal gets done July 21st, we are in for one of those most ridiculous and perhaps exciting months in NFL history to follow.

It’s hard to write a list of things I want the Chicago Bears to do, especially considering a general lack of knowledge of what the financial infrastructure of the league will look like.  So my recommendations – which I know Halas Hall will take very seriously – are simple but economically uninformed.

Sign everybody from the 2010 roster.  And I almost mean everybody.  With the shortened offseason the Bears must show comfortability with going back into battle with a bulk of the individuals who took them to the NFC Championship Game in 2010.  Olin Kreutz, Anthony Adams, Danieal Manning, Caleb Hanie, Rashied Davis, Corey Graham.  Bring them all back.  I’m not advocating breaking the bank for any of them but a few dollars over market value with feel like a freebie when it comes to the continuity they’ll provide on the field.  2011 will reward continuity over all other things, especially for the first 8 games or so.

This doesn’t mean the Bears should not go out there and improve the roster.  Sidney Rice is a must, in my opinion, and I can be persuaded to get into the Antonio Cromartie market without much arm pulling.  (He’s a cunt but he can play corner.)  But if PFT is correct, and the re-sign window will be small, Jerry Angelo should have deals on the desks of the 2010 Bears to make the 2011 Bears.