Bears Second Round Selection: Stephen Paea

| April 29th, 2011

The Bears have mid their second selection and they are developing a theme: toughness.
Positives: Stephen Paea is an absolute beast in the middle, capable of disrupting any interior offensive lineman and while he has not wrecked quarterbacks, he’ll keep blockers off our middle linebackers.  Strength?  You want strength?  Click here and see strength.  What the Bears just drafted is Olin Kreutz on the other side of the ball.  (Add to this the rumor that the Bears were going to take him in round one if Carimi were off the board and it’s clear Jerry is having a solid two nights.)
Negatives: He’s dealt with some minor injuries to his knees along the way (Bears are not concerned) and that’s never good.  He also is often criticized for not being an ideal height for his position.
Overall: I would have preferred the Bears stay with the offensive line here but it’s good to see Jerry pursue a pick – move forward in the draft and pursue the player the organization wants.  I also like any players from New Zealand with a rugby background.