Bears Survive Second Meaningless Game Injury Free

| August 22nd, 2011

Okay, so, here’s the thing.  Don’t lose real players in the preseason.  It’s stupid.  Play your team for minimal minutes and get them into the locker room safe.  For those of you crazy enough to think this result tonight means anything, ask yourself this: would the Giants rather have won a lopsided victory or kept Terrell Thomas for 2011?

Here are my overall thoughts:

  • I was impressed with the edge offensive line and I’m starting to think Gabe Carimi might be the best first-round draft pick of Jerry Angelo’s career.  He went one-on-one with Justin Tuck all night and didn’t lose.  Once.
  • Tim Jennings.  I’m buying in.
  • Roy Williams, here’s the thing.  You have to catch the ball.  I’ve read all the pieces about your conditioning but you have to make catches when the ball’s in your hands.  And if you plan on being a “#1” type receiver, even when it’s not in your hands.  Looked to me, tonight, like our #1 receiver might be Devin Hester.
  • But if that’s the case, he should never be catching the comeback route on the goal line.  I mean, he’s still Devin Hester.
  • The screen game.  Going to be amazing this year.
  • Either Chester Taylor is not be given a chance to make the team or he’s so safe he doesn’t have to make the team.
  • Because Marion Barber is making the team.
  • Has Johnny Knox really fallen so far as to be playing in the fourth quarter?  What did I miss?
  • Vernon Gholston.  You’re not getting plowed over in third quarter of preseason games and making the Bears defensive line.
  • “Major Wright made a major mistake” – my buddy Brian Bonselaar on the Brandon Jacobs TD run.
  • You know what the Chicago Bears are without Lance Briggs?  Not the Chicago Bears.
  • Cutler can do every single thing a great quarterback does.  He just needs a few seconds to do it.
  • Nice to see Nathan Enderle take the night off.
  • Was it me or did Julius Peppers seem to beat his man on every snap?