Bears/Pack: I Can’t Think About Anything Else

| January 22nd, 2011

  • I wonder how important this game will be in determining the off-season plan for Jerry Angelo and Bears management.  We know there will be tremendous focus on building the offensive line but if Aaron Rodgers shreds the Bears defense, I wonder how much attention will go their way.  If the defense stops Rodgers cold, you could make an argument for the same eleven starters next season.
  • Chris Harris has been on the Chicago Bears three of Lovie Smith’s seven seasons.  In those three seasons, the Bears are 35-13, three NFC North titles, 3-2 postseason record and an NFC championship.  In the other four seasons the Bears are 28-36 with zero postseason appearances.  Harris is listed as Questionable for tomorrow but says he will absolutely play.
  • It does not look like weather is going to be a major factor tomorrow, with little chance of precipitation and winds only gusting to around to about 9 mph.  
  • The more I think about the Bears passing game the more I think Earl Bennett is going to run some of those Rashied Davis routes from Week 17 and become Jay’s primary target to combat the aggressive Packers blitzes.
  • Mike Francesa brought it up a bunch on WFAN in New York this week and I think he’s right.  Jay Cutler has heard the media’s canonization of Aaron Rodgers this week and he’s going to attempt to make a statement.  Troy Aikman told Mike he thought the Bears would open ultra-conservative.  Joe Theismann believes Martz will allow him to take shots early.  Nobody knows anything but it’s what makes this game so interesting.
  • I’m not going to shill for a product so trust me on this.  The big hot dog from BigHotDog.com is one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen.  I’ll have photos up when we cook the thing.
  • I am not nervous about this game tomorrow.  I was nervous for the Seahawks game which was essentially a no-win for the Bears.  I am excited about this game.  I want it to happen.  I want it to be epic.  And I think it will be a great day for the Chicago Bears.