Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints Game Thread

| September 18th, 2011

Final thoughts:

  1. Be ready for the blitz and counter with the quick out and screen.  The Saints secondary is full of shoddy tacklers and I love the matchup of ours against theirs in space.  Do not take the chance of five and seven-step drops.
  2. Don’t be surprised if the Saints come at you with a heavy dose of the cutback run game.  They know they can’t beat us throwing it 50+ times.  The Saints drafted Mark Ingram in the first round for occasions like this.
  3. Emotion is dangerous.  The building will be intense.  The Bears defense will be defense, especially coming off the funeral of Brian’s mother.  Keep it together.  Play intense.  But play smart.  (I’m looking at you, Meriweather.)
  4. Bear the hell down.