Chicago Bears Should Trade for Brandon Marshall

| October 11th, 2011

The NFL trade deadline rarely involves any significant player movement.  It just doesn’t happen very often in the league.  But there is a deal that can be made right now by the Chicago Bears that will make them better for the next five years.  They Bears should deliver a third-round draft pick to the Miami Dolphins for Brandon Marshall.


  • The Miami Dolphins are sure to be looking at a top five pick this spring and have no reason to hold on to Marshall if they can get anything in return.
  • Marshall has been dropping TD passes for the Dolphins and the press has been killing him.
  • Cutler equated Marshall to Calvin Johnson last week during his press conference.  When asked what he thought about the prospect of playing with a Calvin Johnson-type he said, “I played with a Brandon Marshall-type.”
  • The fans in Miami want Marshall gone too.
  • Marshall is only a year older than Calvin Johnson and would give the Bears a core of players at quarterback, running back and wide receiver moving forward.  If the Bears were to get Carimi back healthy and draft a first-rounder at the other tackle spot, the turnaround for this club could be quick.

This is not a fantasy scenario.  This is an easy deal for the club to make and a deal that should be made.  It would send a message to the fans, a message to the players and a message to quarterback.  That message?  We’re going to do everything possible to make our franchise quarterback successful.