Collinsworth: The Voice of NFL Reason

| May 16th, 2011

There are currently about ten or twelve stories on the home page at PFT – the only football-related site I bother to check these days with any regularity.  A quick scan saw the headline Jay Cutler: Bears Are “Locked And Loaded” For Upcoming Workouts.  I read the story and thought, “Cool.  Jay is leading.  That’s important.”  Then I looked at the rest of the page and saw these two stories:

It is the same experience I had during the NFL Draft.  Excitement for the prospect of this remarkable sport not missing a beat was spoiled by the Schefter reports of the lackout being put back in place.  It ended all enthusiasm I had for the weekend.  I read the Collinsworth piece and quite frankly don’t believe anyone has more eloquently or clearly stated the emotionally status of the football-loving public.   Here it is.

“God, I just wish I could get through to somebody,” Collinsworth added.  “You know how when you’re talking to your kids, and you know positively what the right thing to do is, and you also know they’re going to do something else, and there’s nothing you can do about it?  That’s how I feel now.  And, God, is it painful to watch.

“The game’s so good.  The players are making money.  The owners are making money.  The commissioner’s got some good safety initiatives going.  The networks are thrilled.  The fans are thrilled.  The game’s never been better.  It’s time to quit sugarcoating this thing and really start thinking about what the NFL really might look like at the end of the process.”

He’s referring to the possibility that the players will eventually win the antitrust lawsuit (regardless of whether the lifting of the lockout while the case proceeds is upheld on appeal), that the players won’t make significant concessions from the ensuing position of ultimate leverage, and that the league will eventually say, “Screw it.  Let’s have no rules.  Let’s be baseball.”

Brilliant.  Just brilliant.