DaBearsBlog (ChicagoNow) is Moving

| June 28th, 2011

Hello My Loyal Friends,

So I let you all know last week that we’ll be transitioning this site, with the remainder of ChicagoNow, in the coming few days.  The site will look much different, much sparer, kinda ugly, but we’ll be fixinfg things as we move forward. 

Here is what you should know:

  • The site will be down from evening Wednesday night until midday Thursday.
  • Your user profiles are going away. You’ll be able to keep display names but for the time being if you want to keep a photo with their account you’ll need to register your email address at gravatar.com and add the user pic through there.
  • ChicagoNow email alerts are going away.  You can still subscribe to our site via email.
  • From the ChicagoNow boss: “Comments are changing. They’ll go in reverse chronological order to start, and though there’s a reply option it’s not threaded comments. This feature is my biggest priority to fix at launch due to the Da’ Bears Blog users and a few others that have such an active group of commenters.”
  • All thoughts, complaints and suggestions should be sent to staff@ChicagoNow.com.

Have patience with this transition, folks.  It’s not going to be pleasant for anyone and there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes reasons for its occurence.  Ultimately, things will remain fundamentally the same: I will write thoughts, ya’ll will bitch and moan and we’ll have a wonderful NFL season.