DaBearsBlog Packer Week Book Giveaway!

| September 21st, 2011

We were lucky on this end to have been sent a promotional copy of Amazing Tales From the Chicago Bears.  It’s not exactly George Plimpton’s seminal football text Paper Lion or even Sal Paolantonio’s terribly underrated How Football Explains America but it is a fun book full of stories just about every Bears fan I know would enjoy.

So I figured I’d give a copy of the book to one of you rubes.  Since it is tales of the Chicago Bears, I’m going to give the book to the commenter who tells the best Bears watching story down below.  It has to involve you either watching the game on TV, attending the game live or listening to it on the radio.  No random Chicago Bears tales.  This has to involve a ballgame.

Once the comments total gets to 100, I’m choosing.  So get your story in.