DaBearsBlog Saturday Show & Fantasy Playoffs

| January 5th, 2011

Saturday Show features two new songs, the debut of Viva’s picks (and 2 year-old daughter), commentary on Sunday’s Packers game, Lovie’s future and the the new overtime rules and – of course – the Reverend’s Rant.

You have until kickoff tomorrow of the 3:30 PM CST game between the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks to submit your selections for round one of the Fantasy Playoffs.  To read the rules, regulations and scoring summary, click here.  YOU MUST SUBMIT PICKS THIS WEEK TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN THE MONTHLY OFF-SEASON COLUMN.
Submit your choices in the comments in the following format:
QB Drew Brees
RB Ray Rice
WR/TE Santonio Holmes
(Remember if you select Brees, Rice and Holmes – they each become ineligible to you for the remainder of the postseason.)

Editor’s Note: I have to keep track of a lot of information to administrate this contest, so please don’t bury your picks inside some other conversation.  I will post the standings, including a list of those who has been eliminated (which will depend on total entries), Monday.

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