Design Your Own DaBearsBlog T-Shirt

| January 25th, 2011

Note: Super Bowl coverage, with a complete lack of enthusiasm, will begin mid-week.  

We sold a lot of our various t-shirts, still available here, and would like to thank you fans for your support.  We do listen to your feedback and many of you have expressed your own ideas as to what the next DaBearsBlog t-shirt design should be.  So here’s what we’re thinking….

I want you each to present a t-shirt design idea and present it in the Comments section below.  Feel free to debate details and re-design/improve on each other’s ideas.  I’ll shuffle through make a list of three or four finalists and then you can all vote on what you’d like the shirt to be.  
As an added bonus, the back of the shirt will not only include…
ChicagoNow logo
…but also include your particular handle, i.e. GPLDAN.
The only stipulation is keep it to two colors to keep printing costs down.  This will be THE fan t-shirt.  We’ll sell it for the same price, the symbolic $19.85.  
So get to planning…