Even More Audibles From the Long Snapper

| January 20th, 2011

I guess it’s that kind of week.  That kind of game.  For the first time since it’s initial debut, here comes the third Audibles in a single week.

Chris Harris/Major Wright – Bears Weakness to Watch
The Bears have put no starters on IR this season and are heading into the NFC Championship Game with only one player listed on the injury report: Chris Harris.  Harris, who Peter King named to his All-Pro team, said to reporters this week that it would take “a miraculous act of God” to keep him from suiting up.  If he struggles to stay on the field, the Bears will be relying on the oft-lost in coverage (but solid on contact) Major Wright to control one of the best passing games in the sport.  This puts an even greater emphasis on the pass rush and Orange Julius.  The more time Rodgers has to throw, the easier time he’ll have confusing and ultimately beating Wright.
The Tommie Harris Factor
If last week’s Divisional Round game were played in Week 12 or 13, I would have devoted an entire column to Tommie Harris’ performance – the way Dan Pompei eloquently did in the Tribune.  (Pompei is a good football writer and deserves credit for it.)  But I’ll say this about Harris: don’t tease us.  Don’t show up against the inferior opponent (Seattle), delivering a throwback-to-2005 performance and disappear against arguably the best team remaining in the tournament.  Harris has an opportunity Sunday to put away the last few years – slugging Deuce Lutui early in an important Cardinals game, countless benchings, mouthing off to press – and cement his legacy with the Chicago Bears and their fans.
Plays I Would Not Call Sunday
  • The quick slant route to the outside receiver – especially if that receiver is Knox or Hester.  It hasn’t worked all year and these corners will take it back for six.
  • The deep out (cover-2 splitter) where Cutler attempts to fit the ball above the corner and underneath the safety.  Don’t allow these corners the opportunity to win battles in space.
  • Anything that involves someone not called Jay Cutler throwing a pass.