Fantasy Playoffs Standings – Updated!

| January 17th, 2011

A couple notes on this week’s action.  Basically, if you played Aaron Rodgers (32 points) or Jay Cutler (27 points), you advanced (with one exception, keep reading).   If you played Matt Ryan (-3 points), you had no shot.  There were very few other players this weekend who put up mega numbers.  Since the 12th place individual was The Big Cheesy and there’s no way a Packers fan is writing a word on this site ever, I decided only to advance the top eleven.
The Advancers to the Championship Round
ChiTownHustler (50)
Doshi (50)
Sdwat52 (50)
BigT (47)
Viva (44)
Shady (44)
Jimmy Newport (42)
IrishSweetness (42)
Cormonster (41)
enderwiggin (41 – without selecting a receiver)
MikeBrownhadaPosse (38)

The Cuts
The Big Cheesy (30)
SC Dave (24)
sjvl (24)
Perno (3)
Bears-4-Ever (15)
FQD1911 (3)
WrigleyFM (18)
Warrior Waddle (18)
Michael L (24)
Bears85Sweetness23 (12)
reprisal (6)
Jokey (27)
85bearz4ever (24)
The next round of selections are due to me in an email (jeff@dabearsblog.com) by Friday at noon EST (11 am CST).  We do this because strategy now becomes incredibly important.  I will confirm receipt of your picks and publish the list of picks in the same post with the Saturday Show.  Only the top four will advance to the Super Bowl.