Hassel-back to Chicago & Fantasy Standings

| January 9th, 2011

It was one of the worst games the Chicago Bears played all season, at home against Matt Hasselbeck and the Seattle Seahawks.  They made Ma Hass feel like it was 2004 and made Mike Williams look like a cross between Cris Carter, Tim Brown and Jesus of Nazareth.  The Bears gained nothing on the ground.  Jay Cutler was sacked six times by a mediocre Seahawks front, including a Jordin Babineaux game-altering safety.  After their opening drive, the only touchdown scored by the Bears was on an eighty-nine yard Devin Hester punt return in the fourth quarter.

Now the Seahawks return, this time the stakes raised higher than the 2-2 vs. 3-2 game of early season.  This time the winner goes to the NFC Championship Game.  This time the winner will find themselves an hour of good football from playing in the final game of the season, hosted by Jerry Jones in Dallas, Texas.  The Super Bowl is the stake this time around and the Bears can not afford the type of lackluster, lethargic effort that led to their 23-20 defeat at the hand of Pete Carroll’s then winless-on-the-road club.  (Their only other road win was at Arizona.)

The Bears could not have asked for a better opponent and they now have no excuse to not either move on to Atlanta or host the cheese at Soldier Field for the right to play for the whole ape.  The full orangutan.  Every piece of the chimpanzee pie.  The events of Wild Card weekend have laid fresh asphalt on Destiny Highway.  The only question remaining is whether the Bears will get in their car and ride.

The post-Wild Card Fantasy Playoffs standings on the B-side.      

The Standings After the Wild Card Round of the Fantasy Playoffs

The following bloggers have advanced to the Divisional Round (listing is in no particular order):
Jokey                  41
WrigleyFM           36
enderwiggin         36
Perno                       33
Shady                   31
Viva                      27
Jimmy Newport    22   
Bears-4-Ever        28
SC Dave               22
sjvl                        29
ChiTownHustler    21
Doshi                    21
FQD1911             29
WarriorWaddle    24
BigT                      21
Sdwat52              27
Michael L             21
Bears85Sweetness23        21
Cormonster         22
MikeBrownhadaPosse       25   
IrishSweetness    21
reprisal                 25
TheBigCheesy     27
85bearz4ever       24

The following bloggers have been eliminated from the competition (again, no particular order):
soupbowlorbust        18
Albert in Tuscon       15
Who is Willie Gault   12
jack lacan                  12
Fresno                       15
Ufficio                        15
New Bear in Town     15
JMCycone                 12   
jimmychange             15
MikeV in OR              12
Doc Nitty 34               12
tobijohn                      15
Trac                            15
SidLuckman42           18   
DaCoach’s Mustache    6
Murph                         15   
JAB                             15
GPLDAN                    15
Blogfather                   15
nagurski                      18

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